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Issue 2013-04 KBH Baustoffwerke Gebhardt & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG

Snake Tumbler for split face masonry blocks

Split face blocks made of concrete have already been popular in garden and landscape construction in English-speaking countries such as North America, England, parts of Scandinavia and Australia for a...


Innovation: New seismic connection ­system for masonry blocks

Many earthquake regions worldwide are built-up with buildings of skeleton frame construction made of concrete or steel, the spaces of which are infilled with blocks. According to the manufacturer, an...

Issue 2018-05

Insulated concrete masonry system

(11) US2018087268 (A1) (57) A insulated masonry wall system having insulation blocks between structural and face blocks to provide structures that are strong, inexpensive, avoid thermal bridges, and...

Issue 2014-02 Simplified calculation method

The new EC6 European masonry code –

Compared to the DIN 1053-1:1996 and DIN 1053-100:2007 masonry standards, DIN EN 1996-3:2010 [1] contains significant improvements and simplifications in conjunction with the National Annex [2]...

Issue 2018-11 LIAPOR

Expanded-clay masonry construction for sports and culture

The multipurpose hall in Frýdek-Místek, a small town at the eastern end of the Czech Republic, around 150 km northeast of Brno, was just recently completed. The building structure presents itself to...