Manual for concrete pipes and manholes under revision

The requirements for durably tight and functioning drains and sewers made of concrete and reinforced concrete are satisfied with high-density, loadbearing pipes that are delivered with easy-to-handle pipe connections. At the same time, it is essential to ensure installation of concrete pipes, reinforced-concrete pipes and manholes, their embedment in trenches and subsequent backfilling in accordance with good engineering practice.

The FBS brand stands for quality and sustainability

The FBS quality assurance system is ensured by factory production control and quality control for pipe materials that is unique and comprehensive: from the constituent materials to manufacture and to the end product. A semi-annual, third-party supervision by officially recognized quality control associations or testing institutes controls and assesses compliance with the requirements of standards and FBS requirements.

FBS Technical Manual under revision

The FBS Technical Manual is presently under revision. The current version will be made available for downloading at www.fbsrohre.de. At this time, a PDF file with 106 pages is available with the sections Presenting FBS, Product Program, Manufacture and Testing, Choice of Pipe Materials and “Application Areas.

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