Liner drain for repairing concrete drain

(11) EP003683371A1

(22) 01.10.2019

(43) 22.07.2020 Bulletin 2020/30

(57) A liner drain (100) for repairing a concrete drain comprises a liner (101) to be impregnated with compound and this liner has a bottom (102), a wall (103), and a liner mouth (104). The liner drain (100) further comprises a bushing (105) retaining its shape and a collar (106) for attaching the bushing permanently to the liner (101). The liner mouth (104) is located at the bushing (105) and forms together with the bushing an inlet (107) into the liner and the liner is attachable to the collar (106) around the liner mouth (104), and the liner has such dimension­ing that a distance (108) from the bottom (102) of the liner to the bushing (105) is less than a distance from a concrete drain bottom to a concrete drain mouth.

(71) Hämäläinen, Sami 00930 Helsinki (FI)

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