Day 2: Mittwoch, 19th February 2014

Lightweight concrete

120 DIN 4213 – The German application standard for prefabricated components of  lightweight aggregate
concrete with open structure
DIN 4213 – Die deutsche Anwendungsnorm für vorgefertigte Bauteile aus haufwerksporigem Leichtbeton
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. Karl-Christian Thienel
122 Sustainability-related quality of lightweight concrete masonry – Recent findings
Nachhaltigkeitsqualität von Leichtbetonmauerwerk – Aktuelle Ergebnisse
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carl-Alexander Graubner
125 Lightweight concrete in Austria: Practical experience report LiaTop and research project
absorption concrete
Leichtbeton aktuell in...

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Lightweight concrete

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Lightweight concrete

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