Lattice girder floor slabs – tested application as a point-supported slab

On the basis of experimental examinations, the load-bearing behavior and dimensioning concept of lattice girder floor slabs as a point-supported slab is illustrated. Flat slabs with FDB II Filigran punching shear reinforcement show an increased punching shear resistance in comparison with other punching shear systems, and they are resilient to geometrical deviations of the precast concrete components from the reference position in the area of punching shear.

To verify the load-bearing capacity of buildings or structural components, the planning engineer uses engineering models. These are secured – in particular in the case of construction with reinforced concrete – by tests with structural components before they can be used in practice with sufficient safety. With flat slabs, experimental examinations of the punching shear resistance are the norm. Moreover, if the ceilings are manufactured from precast slabs with a layer of in-situ concrete, tests on such precast floor slabs are necessary. In this case the planning engineer can rely on the...

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