Label for outdoor use

Many labeling products for outdoor use do not provide a long-term solution because they begin to fade, shrink, tear, or detach from the surface and become illegible only after a few years. The halogen-free, extremely durable Brady label for outdoor use ensures reliable adhesion and legibility for up to twelve years even under extreme conditions. This performance was demonstrated in accelerated weathering tests performed in accordance with ASTM G155, Cycle 1. The label excels with its high resistance against weather impact. No lamination is necessary to protect the information printed on it.

Clear and long-lasting labeling enables the efficient use of equipment and machinery, components, vehicles, tools, and buildings. Also, the label need not be replaced often.

The toughest label for outdoor use with silver coating can be printed directly on-site using the BBP11, BBP12 or BP-PR Plus label printers supplied by Brady. Combined with a label design software, several barcoding and serialization options are available on the job site.

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