Insulated slab-on-grade foundation system

(10) EP 3 508 655 A1

(22) 14.11.2018

(43) 10.07.2019 Bulletin 2019/28

(57) A foundation system (1) and method of installing the foundation system. The system including plurality of  modular slabs (3, 3A, 3B) mountable onto a gravel layer  (2); and at least one horizontal isolating slab (5A, 5B, 5C) and a vertical edge portion (4) positioned with respect to the modular slabs (3A, 3A, 3B) for creating a receptacle wherein concrete is poured thereon.

(71) Delorme, Benoit Blainville, Québec J7B 1Z2 (CA)

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