Innovative welding machines

Modern manufacturing proc-esses call for innovative machinery, which are able to operate in a highly efficient and very reliable manner, in order to meet the high standards of economic operation. Thanks to their innovative power, mbk, the manufacturer of welding machines for reinforcement used in the construction and concrete industry, was in the position to expand its product range by establishing new products and adapting existing machine concepts to the constantly increasing demands of a modern industry sector. It is not for nothing that the company headquartered in Kisslegg is well-known in the industry as global player. More than 900 welding machines and 1,100 machines sold in total show that the developments inspire enthusiasm among customers in over 60 countries across the world.

mbk‘s product range comprises mesh welding machines for most different requirements. The mesh welding machine MSM-B was conceived for the production of reinforcement wire mesh for flat elements, box culverts, L- and U-shaped precast concrete elements as well as boxes and rectangular pipes. The machine is available in different sizes and with a welding capacity of up to 350 kVA. The maximum mesh width possible is 4,000 mm; the maximum length is 13,000 mm, with even longer C available upon request.

Maximum flexibility

The MSM-S is a mesh welding machine for the production of small format wire meshes and strip meshes. This machine can be delivered in different sizes too. The maximum mesh width possible is 1,000 mm and the maximum mesh length possible is 6,000 mm, with likewise longer dimensions provided upon request. The welding capacity can be adapted to the output requested, for a size of 060/100 the capacity is 100-125 kVA, for instance.

Both mesh welding machines do not require a particular foundation. Memorized mesh programs are used for setting of the mesh and welding parameters for both the MSM-B and the MSM-S; the use of IPC/PLC control system and touch panel provide for ease of operation and programming.

Short changeover times ensure maximum flexibility in day-to-day production. Additional advantages of these mesh welding machines result from the high degree of user-friendly maintenance and the low maintenance costs. Moreover, the innovative machines are designed with electrical and/or pneumatic components exclusively – not any hydraulics.

A wide range of accessories, for integration into the scope of supply, is available for both mesh welding machines. There are, for example, different options and solutions of mesh stackers available, automatic feeding of longitudinal and cross wire is possible either from bundle or coil, and straightening rotors are provided for longitudinal and cross wire feeding. LAN/WLAN connection can be used for trouble shooting, updates and production planning. The CI requirements of the customers are also taken into account – the machine color is supplied according to customer requirements.

Robust and low maintenance

For the fully automated manufacturing of CAD-based reinforcement wire mesh for the production of precast concrete elements, MBK also offers the proper mesh welding machine with the completely flexible system MSM-M. The maximum width of 4,000 m is obtained at a height of 4 m, the maximum mesh length amounts to 14,000 mm. The machine operates at a medium production rate of approx. 160 m²/h, this is however very much depending on the mesh coverage and the cut-outs. A higher production output is possible upon request.

The compact plant system results in low space requirements, and the modular system allows for customized solutions – even subsequent expansions of the system are possible without any problems. The robust construction and the low maintenance requirements stand for their convincing suitability for everyday use. The connection to a Unitechnik interface and LAN/WLAN connection for trouble shooting and updates for production planning ensure an uncomplicated transfer of information. Reasonable accessories for an expansion of the MSM-M are also available as an option. The company offers, for example, solutions for mesh handling and mesh storage in downstream circulation systems, but also bending stations for bending and cropping the wire for the production of various bending shapes.

Mesh buffers for intermediate buffering of finished welded mesh complement the range of accessories.

Production of single-hip lattice girders

The production of single-hip and two-hip lattice girders is an integral part of everyday production in the concrete industry. With the GTM – for the production of two-hip lattice girders – in the product portfolio, MBK has a lattice girder welding machine operating in an extremely efficient manner. The GTM meets all aspects of effective manufacturing, providing lattice girder heights between 65 and 320 mm, lattice girder widths of between 70 and 120 mm, and a length between 600 and 6,000 mm at a production rate of about 4 m/min. The machine is designed for manual changeover of the lattice girder heights and protrusions as well as manual removal of lattice girders from the lattice girder storage.

For this lattice girder welding machine, MBK also used electrical and pneumatic components exclusively and not any hydraulics at all. The customer can decide for LAN / WLAN connection as an option. The production of thrust girders is also available as an option as well as a butt welding unit for joining the wire ends. The customer can also choose the color of the machine.

The TSM was developed in order to ensure an economic production of single-hip lattice girders in an uncomplicated manner. The lattice girder length can be programmed and is possible endlessly; the lattice girder widths range from 100 to 250 mm, with other widths being possible upon request. The production capacity is stated at maximum 8 m/min. The TSM enables welding of wires with the same diameter as well as wires of different diameters.

Maintenance requirements are extremely low due to the robust construction of the welding machine. The simple and user-friendly machine design keeps the need for user trainings at a minimum level.

Sophisticated service

For straightening and cutting of reinforcement wire from the coil, MBK conceived the wire straightening and cutting machine DRA. Different versions with various wire diameters each, corresponding number of rotors, a production length of up to 14 m and a straightening speed of maximum 140 m/min make sure that the right machine is available for every need. The wire is straightened with the aid of stones or hyperbolic rollers. The machine, that is easy to handle and operate, maintenance friendly and equipped with many other additional features as an option, remarkably simplifies everyday production of any plant.

As a result of thorough analysis, comprehensive consultation and well-engineered construction, all machines are developed and constructed at the Kisslegg location covering about 10,000 m². All new and further developments, retrofits, modifications, customized products focus on the aspect of cost-effectiveness. MBK‘s philosophy is to avoid additional costs for the customer or to minimize them at least in case of need. A sophisticated after sales service and the retrofit concept inspire enthusiasm among the customers all over the world.

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