Innovation: The Joint Configurator

The design of joints in concrete, a complex matter, largely depends on structural-engineering and building-physics circumstances. The new Joint Configurator graphically presents non-product-related solution options. A brief description as well as references to the relevant accepted rules of good engineering practice provide an orientation as to how these complex tasks can be solved. Matching pictures of the construction site in question enable a realistic assessments.

The innovative significance of the Joint Configurator consists of enabling effective detail planning and discussions with...

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Issue 2013-07

Method for a multi-stage joint protection system for wall elements made of concrete components

(10) WO 2013/064246 A2 (22) 3l.l0.2012 (43) 10.05.2013 (71) WOHLSECKER, Wilhelm, Bert-Brecht-Allee 5, 81737 München (DE). (57) In the previously employed methods for protecting joints of concrete...

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Sealing strip for expansion joints

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DBV Code of Practice “Injection hose systems and swellable fillers for construction joints” – Additional applications

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(10) US 2019/0390418 Al (22) 18.06.2019 (43) 26.12.2019 (57) A joint form is positioned in a damaged expansion joint to allow both sides of the joint to be repaired at the same time. The joint form...