Innovation: Solidian Fix

A problem that can occur when installing reinforcement is the rising or subsiding of the reinforcement. Many a time, this problem is found, in particular, in case of innovative non-metallic reinforcement made of carbon and glass fibers. Solidian Fix is the similarly easy and quick solution to this issue.

For concrete components it is import to ensure that the reinforcement is fixed to its position as planned. Any rising or subsiding of the reinforcement results in a smaller structural effective depth and a reduced concrete cover, respectively. Hence, this has an essential influence on the load-bearing capacity and durability of the planned concrete components.

Positional accuracy of the reinforcement

Using Solidian Fix is an easy way to counteract this problem. The device is applied to the formwork edges and ensures an exact adjustment of the structural effective depth and/or the concrete cover with millimeter accuracy. In addition, a spring device is prestressing the reinforcement slightly, preventing the fabric from slagging. In this way, the planned position will be maintained exactly during concrete placement. No further precautions are required for the subsequent concrete placing process. As a consequence, the installation of the reinforcement can be achieved in a quick, perfect and cost-effective way.

After concrete compacting, Solidian Fix can be removed with a single action. For this purpose, only the hand lever on the top of the device is actuated, releasing the reinforcement from the provided hooks.

The application of Solidian Fix eliminates the need of conventional spacers completely. In addition, another advantage becomes apparent in the design of architectural concrete surfaces. The concrete surface is free from annoying marks, with a visual appearance of very high quality.

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