Innovation: LightTile B87

Siut GmbH has developed a special concrete formula and manufacturing process which enable the selective integration of optical fibers into UHPC (ultra-high performance concrete). Theresult is an innovative composite material, the surface of which can be illuminated by luminous dot patterns.

The so-called translucent fiber concrete is now available for the first time in the form of floor tiles (LightTile B87). The aim of the developers was to create a sustainable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient product. This is ensured, above all, by the fact that no electronic components are built into the tiles and the light is fed from an external source. Energy-efficient ultra-high performance LEDs are used to distribute the light pulses inside the tile and conduct them to the concrete surface by means of the optical fiber system. When switched off, the light dots can be neither felt nor seen so that lines, symbols or even lettering and logos can light up and disappear again. At the same time, the characteristic look and feel of the concrete is always maintained.

The tile system developed enables the electronic components to be installed by way of a permanently accessible service duct located in the center of two tiles. This is where the connection is made by means of a watertight click system. In this way, the system ensures easy laying of the tiles as well as low maintenance requirements.

Owing to its modular design, tiles with different light patterns can be strung together to create extensive luminous laying patterns. This turns one of the world’s oldest construction materials into a medium of communication in the form of floor tiles. It is a medium that will in future also be capable of being networked with other media and will therefore allow intelligent interaction between concrete and digital information. Areas of application include, above all, the guidance of flows of people in heavily frequented areas or evacuation help in dangerous situations.

The floor tiles from Siut are manufactured to a size of 50 cm x 50 cm x 3.5 cm and are available in white, gray and anthracite. The surface of the floor tiles can be polished, acidified or sandblasted in accordance with customer requirements. In the process, the grains can be exposed to give the concrete a natural finish. The surfaces are waterproofed at the plant to provide additional protection from the effects of weather. The tiles are therefore suitable for universal use in many locations. The UHPC used is both weather- and frost-resistant.

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