Erection system for precast walls

This innovation consists of a connection and erection system on the basis of a PTA anchor channel with double T-head for solid walls and insulated wall panels.

The Click Connector is preassembled in the stan-dard anchor channel on the front side of the first wall panel. The anchor channel of the second wall panel is provided with an enlargement in the upper area of the Click Connector. Next, the Click Connector in the first panel is loosened, causing it to drop into the narrower slot of the anchor channel, where it is connected on both sides with compressive and tensile strength, by bolts and washers on the lips of the anchor channel. This produces a relatively narrow joint that can be filled with thixotropic mortar. Temporary erection support is virtually unnecessary; erection and crane costs and the time and effort required for filling the joint are markedly reduced.

Another variation has been developed for erection procedures, externally or internally, inside a small blockout. A magnet produces the blockout needed for erection, and achieves positive guidance of the anchor channel with recessed installation.

An additional possibility for applications with modified erection components – fixed in place in PTA anchor channels with enlarged openings – is available for seismic connections in earthquake-endangered regions. For this innovative erection system, the development of a cost-efficient connection system is already underway within the scope of a joint project with Kaiserslautern University. This project has been funded by the Central Innovation Program for small and medium-sized business (ZIM).

Innovative systems of this kind contribute to the global marketing of German development expertise that enables cost savings in the erection of wall panels. This erection system has already been successfully proven in residential housing projects in Brazil and Algeria, as well as for a modular system with culverts in Mozambique. For application in a number of large-scale proj-ects, a worldwide effort will be made in the upcoming months to market these systems through international channels that have existed for years in India, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, and various developing countries.

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