Heft 44 on fresh composite concrete systems – state and recommendations

The German Society for Concrete and Construction Technology (DBV) has extended its series of publications by DBV-Heft 44 “Frischbetonverbundsysteme (FBV-Systeme) – Sachstand und Handlungsempfehlungen.” The objective of the DBV working group of the same name and of the associated editorial group that prepared DBV-Heft 44 is to provide a comprehensive overview of the mode of action, previous experiences and classification under the building law, and to give recommendations for actions on planning and implementation. A DBV code of practice to be published in future is to build up on this.

The objective of the application of fresh composite concrete systems (FBV systems) as additional measure in waterproof concrete structures in accordance with the WU code of practice is to increase the reliability level in ensuring imperviousness to water. At the same time, the market reflects a high diversity of doubts regarding the properties and application limits of the boundary conditions of planning and execution. So far, moreover, the situation of the standards for FBV systems remains unclear, even in light of the currently changing building regulations; and application safety of the systems for all parties involved in a project (builder, planner, contractors) also does not exist.

DBV-Heft 44 “Frischbetonverbundsysteme (FBV-Systeme) – Sachstand und Handlungsempfehlungen” can be ordered directly from Deutscher Beton- und Bautechnik-Verein in Berlin.

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