Glass-fiber and carbon-fiber reinforcement – building
material with a future

Solidian is a leading manufacturer in the field of non-metal reinforcement. With Solidian Rebar, the company offers bar reinforcement made of ECR glass fibers or carbon fibers that is extremely strong and suitable for a wide variety of uses. With Solidian Remat, the manufacturer has combined the positive characteristics of the bars into a reinforcement mat.

The non-corrosive bar reinforcement is exceptionally economical and is suitable for all fields of application where structural elements are permanently exposed to aggressive environmental conditions, as is the case, for example, with multi-story car parks and bridges (frost/de-icing salt action) or in the vicinity of coasts (sea salt). In addition, ECR glass-fiber reinforcing bars do not conduct electricity and can therefore be used in high-voltage and electromagnetic environments. Since the materials are non-corrosive, the reinforcement does not require protection by a concrete cover or surface protection system – unlike conventional structural steel. In addition, the primary energy requirement is lower, in particular when omitting the surface protection systems.

The innovative bar reinforcement is suitable for use both on the construction site and in the precast concrete plant, where its low weight significantly facilitates work processes. The bars are available with standard diameters ranging from 4 mm to 12 mm and have a standard length of 6.0 m.

Larger diameters and optional bar lengths can be offered in accordance with requirements.

Combined strength

The manufacturer offers Solidian Remat to combine the advantages of Solidian Remat in a reinforcement mat. The bars are attached to each other by means of injection-molded junctions, thus forming a rigid mat. This permits even large areas to be provided with the high-performance reinforcement in a time-efficient process. The bars incorporated in the reinforcement mats have diameters ranging from 4 mm to 12 mm (the mats can be walkedon from a bar diameter of 8 mm or larger). The spacing between the grid bars ranges from a minimum of 50 mm to a maximum of 200 mm. The standard mat has a size of 6 x 2.3 m and a grid spacing of 150 mm.

Solidian also offers made-to-measure designs of both the reinforcing bars and mats in accordance with customer requirements. Even though textile reinforcements appear to be more expensive at first glance, they are more cost-effective in the long term. The reason: they are resource-efficient, efficient to install, low-maintenance, durable and suitable for recycling – in other words, a building material of the future.

Solidian GmbH
Sigmaringer Straße 150
72458 Albstadt/Germany
+49 7431 10-3135

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