Effects on calculation and dimensioning of pipes and manholes made of concrete and reinforced concrete

From DIN 1045-1 to Eurocode 2

Apart from the descriptions, the concrete properties have been adapted in EC2 on a Europe-wide basis. Whereas there is a minor change in the mean secant modulus Ecm in comparison to DIN 1045-1:2008-08 (C40/50 DIN 1045-1: 34,500 N/mm²; EC2: 35,000 N/mm²), the mean characteristic tensile strength of concrete fctm remains unchanged. As a result, the permissible bending tensile stress (σvr = 6 N/mm² for C 40/50) remains unchanged for the serviceability verification (see also [5] Section 6.3.2. or Section 5.2.2).

For cover and transition slabs of manholes [8] the introduction of an absorbable...

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