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Issue 2017-06 Jordahl

Fastening anchor channels with installation cones

High quality demands are placed on precast elements made of reinforced concrete. They pose a particularly high challenge with regard to the geometry. This also applies to the built-in components such...

Issue 2021-07


(10) US 2021/0108413 Al (22) 08.10.2020 (43) 15.04.2021 (57) An anchor for arrangement in a building element, in particular in a wall, in a ceiling or in a precast concrete part. The anchor includes...


Fastening systems for precast concrete components

The incorporation of fastening elements in precast concrete components intended for underground engineering can already be done during manufacturing. For this purpose, anchor channels and...

Issue 2013-05 Hilti Deutschland

Support system for anchor channels

At this year‘s BAU Trade Fair in Munich, the Hilti company introduced a support system for their HAC anchor channels. It is expected to be on the market soon. It can be difficult to correctly...

Issue 2016-04

Formwork for manufacture of precast concrete elements with at least one anchor rail embedded in the precast concrete element as well as method for manufacture of such precast concrete elements

(11) EP 2 987 595 (22) 23.08.2014 (43) 24.02.2016 Patentblatt 2016/08 (71) HALFEN GmbH, 40764 Langenfeld (DE) (84) Benannte Vertragsstaaten: AL AT BE BG CH CY CZ DE DK EE ES FI FR GB GR HR HU IE IS IT...