Fly ash meets concrete heavyweight

The company history of the Vreden-based enterprise Tenwinkel started in 1959 when Heinrich Tenwinkel, as a young man, cast his first concrete weight for his neighbor’s tractor on the farmyard. Nowadays, more than 40 employees are working in the production hall covering a floor space of 2,100 m² to produce innovative ballast weights: 15,000 weights of between 150 and 10,000 kilograms each per year, showing an upward trend. The fly ash delivered by Steag Power Minerals provides for an optimized quality of the products and an efficient manufacturing process.

For the brothers, Markus and Stefan...

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(10) WO 2012/049994 A1 (22) 3.10.2011 (43) 19.04.2012 (71) Kyoto University NIKKEN KOGAKU CO., LTD. [JP/JP] (57) [Problem] To provide a counter-weight block construction method for preventing...

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