Field reports

Field reports

Man as the weak point and the vulnerability of SMEs

At IT trade fairs, high-priced systems are advertised as the ultimate barrier against all kinds of known and unknown dangers from the internet. But far from all of those systems are necessary or even provide the expected protection. In many cases, man himself is the greatest risk. Various examples show how easy it is to outsmart employees and what options are available to better protect yourself – almost for free.

IT systems as the weak point: prevention and remedial action

Precisely because people represent one of the biggest security risks in a network, the technical possibilities available should be used to protect them and their data. To do so, good antivirus software, the latest operating system updates and secure passwords are a must. In our opinion, however, the highest priority should be given to data backup. It is the only way to ensure the long-term protection of your data in the event of human error or after virus or cyber attacks.

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