Energy-efficient and sustainable building with concrete

Research, innovation and technology have long combined ecologic, economic and sociologic aspects in the building sector to make building more eco-friendly and more sustainable.

The internationally respected company B.T. innovation GmbH recognized this important trend long ago and has developed innovative, reliable solutions to keep in step. The global player from Magdeburg in Germany, that began in 1991 as regional wholesaler for building products, today supplies precasting plants worldwide and sells connection solutions for precast elements to many customers in more than 70 countries.

Energy-efficient and sustainable building with concrete ranks at the very top of the agenda of B.T. innovation GmbH. The company’s sustainability vision focuses on making building simpler, faster and more cost-efficient, without neglecting sustainability. Every construction project generates, at the same time, added value for customers and participating companies and reduces the ecologic footprint. Strong innovations and preservation of resources are not mutually exclusive

The company describes itself as a developer of products with a strong innovative character designed to speed up processes in the construction sector. Toward this end, it develops new technologies for sustainability that enable resource-preserving efficiency in building – both in terms of energy as well as of materials.

Managing Director Felix von Limburg formulates the guiding concept of B.T. innovation as follows: “It is our aim to simplify and speed up work processes with high-quality, user-friendly, efficient and eco-friendly products.” At the same time, the company takes its social responsibilities seriously and approaches economic, social and ecologic topics with great commitment.

Today in many precasting plants and on many construction sites worldwide, products from B.T. innovation make use of a wide range of technology, such as sealing techniques for fresh and hardened concrete, solutions for magnet and formwork techniques, low-cost housing concepts for affordable living space as well as a range of consultation services.


Sustainable technologies and materials for a diversity of building projects

The vision of sustainability is consistent throughout the entire product portfolio of B.T. innovation GmbH. For example, the innovative BT turnbuckle with its greatly reduced set-up times results in reduced environmental impact. This simple, shell-shaped steel component eliminates complex welding and grouting for attaining the full load capacity of connections. In this way, construction sections and projects take place faster and independently of the weather – with reduction in crane times and workload. This product is in addition designed for a long service life. BT turnbuckle and precast elements are easily disassembled and are consequently reusable.

Another product with outstanding sustainable characteristics is the MultiFormAlu shuttering system. This patented MutliForm shuttering weighs less than half of comparable support systems and therefore consistently saves packaging and transport costs. The elimination of crane systems realizes additional savings in personnel, costs and worktime. Moreover, the low weight particularly reduces the health risk of personnel who work daily with the formwork systems and who greatly profit from the lightness of MultiForm Alu.

The joint sealant AgrarElast, additionally, protects the environment from water-endangering substances. This reliable sealant durably seals storage and filling plants and reliably keeps out hazardous substances such as liquid manure, slurry and silage effluent from water reservoirs and/or water circulation systems.


Made-to-measure consultation from B.T. innovation

The products described above are just some of the pioneering, sustainable building technologies from B.T. innovation GmbH. The company’s customers profit furthermore from individual consultation services that consider customer wishes regarding processes and planning, IT structures, choice of material and technology and, of course, aspects of sustainability.

In this way, B.T. innovation is optimally prepared for the present and the future of the construction business and, at the same time, contributes to advanced and both sustainable and resource-preserving building projects – as well as to the technologies and materials employed in their construction.


B.T. innovation GmbH

Sudenburger Wuhne 60

39116 Magdeburg/Germany

+49 391 7352-0

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