Embedded wireless monitoring sensors

(10) EP 3 236 258 A2

(22) 30.03.2017

(43) 25.10.2017 Bulletin 2017/43

(57) Concrete can be one of the most durable building materials where consumption is projected to reach approximately 40 billion tons in 2017 alone. Despite this the testing of concrete at all stages of its life cycle is still in its infancy although testing for corrosion is well estab­lished. Further many of the tests today are time consum­ing, expensive, and provide results only after it has been poured and set. Accordingly, by exploiting self-contained wireless sensor devices, which are deployed with the wet concrete, the in-situ curing and maturity measurement data can be established and employed together with batch specific concrete data to provide rapid initial tests and evolving performance data regarding the concrete cure, performance, corrosion of concrete at different points in its life cycle, such as during shipment of the concrete towards a construction site. Such sensors re­move subjectivity, allow for rapid assessment, are inte­grable to the construction process, and provided full life cycle assessment.

(71) Ghods, Pouria Gloucester, Ontario K1V 2M3 (CA) Alizadeh, Rouhollah Nepan, Ontario K2J 5T7 (CA) Salehi, Mustafa Napean, Ontario K2H 9G8 (CA) De Carufel, Sarah Ottawa, Ontario K1S 4L9 (CA)

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