EN 206:2014: Cusum method or mean value criterion?

The recently adopted EN 206:2014 standard includes the option of using cusum control charts to evaluate the conformity of the production process at the precast plant. Are these charts a valid alternative to the mean value criterion? Is their use ­perhaps even associated with true benefits?

Since July 2014, the EN 206:2014 standard has been in force to specify the requirements for concrete for buildings and engineering structures; it superseded EN 206:1:2000. This standard provides the option of using so-called control charts to verify conformity. In EN 206:2014, the application of the mean value criterion is referred to as Method B, whereas the use of control charts is termed Method C. Control charts based on cumulative sums (cusums) are very effective tools for production control purposes. Their use is governed by BS ISO 7870-4:2011.

Precast producers in the United Kingdom,...

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