TU Kaiserslautern/DAfStb

DAfStb annual conference with several symposia

This year, DAfStb invites the expert audience to the fifth annual conference which will be held under the motto “Concrete – thinking ahead ...” at TU Kaiserslautern on September 20 and 21. By the annual conference, the German Committee for Reinforced Concrete (DAfStb) provides a platform for intensive contacts between research and the construction industry for the fifth time. Under the umbrella of the 5th annual conference, the 58th research colloquium and further symposia will also be held in parallel sessions.

Building structure – load-bearing structure – energy

The collaboration of architects, structural engineers and building service engineers is even more important nowadays in order to design and to build new options with the aid of advanced materials and innovative technologies. The motivation of the symposium is to give an insight behind the scenes of interdisciplinary building projects and innovative research projects.

Concrete with recycled ­aggregates

Mineral construction wastes are the most important material flows of German waste management. However, so far, the material is hardly used in Germany for the production of concrete, despite existing rules and regulations and an unambiguous political statement towards using waste in closed-loop systems for as high-grade applications as possible and a wealth of examples from neighboring countries. The symposium on resource saving concrete affords an opportunity to deal with all matters relating to R concrete.

Construction in existing contexts

Construction in existing contexts is a topic attended by ISO, CEN, fib and DAfStb similarly. They aim at providing practical rules and regulations for ordinary construction projects. For this purpose, it is necessary to benefit from more information for the recalculation of load-bearing structures of existing buildings.

New products in fastening technology

Fastening of solid structural components is everyday practice on construction sites throughout Europe. At present, Europe is working on a standard that governs the design of anchoring in concrete and shall replace the present design methods. But even beyond the current state of standardization, there are exciting fields of research relating to fastening technology. Leading experts from research and practice give an idea of the latest situation in Germany‘s construction law in relation to Europe, present the draft of DIN 1992-4 and the explanation report of DAfStb.

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