Curbstones and traffic islands quickly and safely installed

Curbstones and traffic islands can be quickly and durably glued with Silikal R 17 reactive resin mortar and Silikal R 90 adhesive. These Silikal products satisfy all requirements of practical roadway construction: they are quickly applied and ensure durable service.

Companies that build and rehabilitate modern traffic infrastructure look for practicable and safe solutions. With products based on methyl methacrylate (MMA), the company Silikal from Mainhausen in Germany offers time-tested, easy-to-handle and fast applications. Silikal R 17 and Silikal R 90 are designed for installation of curbstones, traffic islands and road marking. Concrete components can be quickly and safely glued for precision fit, in accordance with the substrate, with either Silikal R 17 or Silikal R 90. The R 17 Silikal mortar is also the perfect choice for rehabilitation and reprofiling tasks.


Products for practical and durable road construction

In practice, handling of both products is simple and, best of all, fast. The substrate is pretreated by means of milling, grinding or shotblasting and is subsequently primed with Silikal RU 380 or Silikal R 51. The prime coat hardens within one hour, the same as all Silikal products. Next, Silikal R 17 reaction resin mortar or Silikal adhesive R 90 is applied and the component is embedded. Silikal MMA products harden after only one hour, and the area is fully loadable. Installation can thus be realized without complex and time-intensive interruption of traffic.

Which of the two Silikal products is used depends on the nature of the substrate. On level subsoils that require no leveling, Silikal R 90 adhesive is used. If the surfaces to be glued need to be leveled, Silikal R 17 is the right choice. With the reaction resin mortar, any desired layer thicknesses can be realized, for which purpose coarse aggregate can also be used. Reaction resin mortar Silikal R 17 can be processed in temperatures down to -10° C, Silikal R 17 (-25 °C) even down to -25° C. The products can therefore also be used in autumn and winter. Silikal R 90 adhesive can be used at temperatures of 5° C and above.

The Silikal R 17 reaction resin mortar, its product variants and the adhesive Silikal R 90 are – as for almost all Silikal products –regularly examined and assessed by independent testing bodies. The manufacturer Silikal has been continuously monitoring quality and environmental management systems for many years.

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