Crisis? What crisis?

In Year Six following the global economical and financial crisis, the Russian construction industry continues to grow. This is what the current figures and analyzes of Rosstat, the Russian Federal State Statistics Service, indicate: After the slump in the crises years, the volume of built floor space could be markedly increased by 2013. At around 70 million m2, it attained the highest level since the end of the Soviet Union. In 2013, the Russian precast concrete industry produced around 27 million m3 precast parts, i.e. around 7.4 % more than in the preceding year 2012. These precast parts are intended for buildings that should be completed in 2013 to 2015.

These figures make the faces of the representatives of the Russian construction industry light up: Their confidence notably increased in the second quarter of 2014. And the manufacturers of plant and equipment in the US and Europe are also likely to be satisfied – in 2013, plant and equipment for precast production totaling around 301.000 m3 were commissioned in Russia; since 2000, this value was topped only in one year.

So everything is all right? The political crisis is casting a dark shadow over the rose-colored glasses. The western states react to the military aggression of Russia with sanctions and refusals of entry. The two sides are wrestling over the Ukraine, which the EU would like to win for itself just as much as Russia would like it to join the recently founded Eurasian economic union (EaEU). Will the crisis negatively affect the construction industry as well? Most likely not. The STT trade show (Cyrillic: CTT) at the beginning of June in Moscow could be a seismograph for the actual mood.

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