Corporate succession arranged

Martin Probst, partner and director of Probst GmbH headquartered in Erdmannhausen, has arranged his succession and consequently transferred all company shares to the family holding Alveus Beteiligungen.

Under the leadership of the Probst family over the past 57 years, Probst GmbH has grown into a hidden champion of handling and laying technology for paving stones, concrete and natural stone materials. Today the company has 4 locations with a total of over 170 motivated, loyal and long-standing employees. Probst GmbH has developed many important innovations to improve ergonomics and efficiency, owns numerous intellectual property rights and, in addition to the two locations in Germany, owns branches in Great Britain and France. Probst is represented around the world by over 450 distribution partners.


Healthy growth

Martin Probst, who just opened a state of the art logistics center in 2016/17, placed great value in his succession planning on a sustainable solution for his company and his employees.

With Alveus Beteiligungen GmbH, whose managing partners Dr. Markus Michalke and Sören Presser-Velder have also joined the Probst GmbH management board, a family of entrepreneurs is now replacing the Probst family. It will ensure the future-proof and sustainable continuation of the course set for the company by Martin Probst. Martin Probst will also keep his role on the management board for the time being, and the Probst family will also continue to be represented in management through his brother Thomas Probst.

Alveus Beteiligungen GmbH aims to maintain the company‘s long-term viability, independence and healthy growth. It currently holds interests in the following German companies: B K M Präzisionswerkzeuge Stanz- und Biegeteile GmbH, GST GmbH German Sensor Technology and bellissa HAAS GmbH.

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