Connector for precast concrete structures

(10) US 2021/0277650 Al

(22) 05.03.2021

(43) 09.09.2021

(57) A connector and a method of manufacturing a connector are provided for joining a precast concrete structure and a support structure such as a floor joist. An attachment mem­ber of the connector is assembled in a manner that allows forces to be transferred through a protrusion and aperture connection, which reduces the forces transferred through welded joints. As a result, the attachment member requires less welding and saves time and costs when installing the connector. In some embodiments, a support is secured to a horizontal plate which increases the rigidity of the horizontal plate and the ability of the horizontal plate to transfer forces from a support structure to a precast concrete structure.

(71) Meadow Burke, LLC, Riverview, FL (US)

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