B. T. Innovation

Connecting watertightly and without complications

It is no coincidence that the term innovation is included in the name of the Magdeburg-based company B.T. Innovation GmbH. The product engineers of the supplier to the construction industry have developed two all-round products for the construction of modern building structures, namely the BT-Spannschloss turnbuckle and RubberElast, which simplify the production at the factory and the assembly on the construction site.

The BT-Spannschloss allows connecting precast concrete elements in a durable and highly stable way, without any problems, and not requiring any additional materials. The assembly time on the construction site is extremely short. The innovative system includes special screw connections and anchors embedded in the precast concrete elements. For this purpose, the elements are accurately prefabricated at the precast concrete plant. The precise alignment of the anchor systems and the design of the recesses required are ensured by means of magnetic recess units.

On the construction site, the BT-Spannschloss turnbuckle is then inserted into the provided recess, where it can be fixed without complications by means of screws and washers in less than a minute. The only thing the worker needs is a customary ratchet wrench.

The BT clamping system is ideal for connections of angle brackets and shaft elements in road and underground construction, for concrete floor and wall connections in the field of building construction or even for building projects in the field of coastal protection. Due to the specific form, the BT-Spannschloss turnbuckle is suitable for bearing major loads.

RubberElast – reliable aid on the construction site

RubberElast in turn is a self-adhesive special sealing strip for precast component joints, which is applied by simply pressing on one of the two joint faces. Once the intended joint size is achieved, for example, when fixing the BT-Spannschloss, the joint immediately becomes impermeable to pressurized water.

According to the “Allgemeines bauaufsichtliches Prüfzeugnis” – the test certificate of the technical building authority, RubberElast seals water pressure of up to 0.5 bar in a reliable and durable way. It is extremely resistant to mechanical and chemical influences. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for the sealing of waterproof building structures made of precast concrete elements, used for residential basements, sewer systems or manholes, for example.

“Our product duo ensures the fast connection and sealing of concrete elements without complications. The BT-Spannschloss and our RubberElast are two unbeatable products that provide benefits and solve problems,” the General Manager of BT, Felix von Limburg, proudly states. Both products of B.T. Innovation GmbH are tested and approved by the national technical authorities. In addition, they have already proven their worth on an international level, hence, for example, at the spectacular special exhibition “NRLA – gate to the south”.

Admired at the most-visited Swiss museum

Highlight of the exhibition at the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne is the 15m-long mock-up of the Gotthard base tunnel, the longest railway tunnel in the world.

“Our requirements on quality are: simple assembly of the fixed static joining elements and a concealed, durable element connection,” states Gerhard Enderle of Müller Steinag Element AG. Therefore, Müller Steinag Element AG decided to use the BT-Spannschloss M20 turnbuckle.

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