Concrete seawall with precast components

(10) US 2021/0285174 Al

(22) 11.03.2021

(43) 16.09.2021

(57) Seawalls and methods for making seawalls are disclosed. A seawall may include a concrete footing, with a first plurality of anchorages disposed in the concrete footing. A plurality of precast concrete tee beams may include single-tee beams and/or double-tee beams. Flanges of the tee beams may be positioned to form seaward and landward faces of the wall, and stems of the tee beams may be coupled to the footing between the seaward and landward faces. A second plurality of anchorages may be disposed at tops of the stems. Elon­gate steel components extend through the stems, and are tensioned between the first plurality of anchorages and the second plurality of anchorages. Interior fill may be disposed between the seaward and landward faces. One or more wave deflectors may be disposed above the tee beams.

(71)  Inside Bet LLC, Eden, UT (US)

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