Concrete prefabricated building component for building lateral walls for bunker silos and lateral wall for a bunker silo

(10) WO 2013/135255 A1
(22) 3. April 2012
(43) 19. September 2013
(71)  N.V VANBOCKRIJCK [BE/BE]; Industrieweg 10, B-3840 Borgloon (BE).
(57) The invention relates to a concrete prefabricated building component (1) for building lateral walls (9) for bunker silos, which has a horizontally extending base plate (2) and two lateral wall parts (3) converging upwards from the base plate (2), wherein the width (b) of the base plate (2) is greater than the height (h) of the lateral wall parts (3) and the base plate (2) extends on each side laterally beyond the region in which the lateral wall parts (3)...

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