Day 2: Wednesday, 25th February 2015

Cast stone

128 Architectural façades made of textile-reinforced concrete – Built examples, life-cycle assessment
Architekturfassaden aus Textilbeton – Ausgeführte Beispiele, Ökobilanz
Dipl.-Ing. Annette Hering, MBA Eng.Patrick Beul

130 An urban quarter in architectural concrete – Mannheim Eastsite project
Ein Stadtquartier in Architekturbeton – Projekt Eastsite Mannheim
Dipl.-Ing. Architekt Dominik Wirtgen

133 Light transmitting concrete projects – Technological requirements and tasks
Aktuelle Projekte mit Lichtbeton – Anwendung in der Praxis
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Roye

135 Cast stone as design element – Projects...

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Cast stone

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Cast stone

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