Building having wall structure and method for producing wall structure

(10) WO 2019/203034 A1

(22) 08.04.2019

(43) 24.10.2019

(57) Provided are: a building having a wall structure employing precast reinforced concrete walls, the building employing a sealing material which is not a silicone sealing material, is excellent in terms of elongation property and restoring property, has excellent adhesiveness to concretes, and does not soil concretes; and a method for producing the wall structure. In the building having a wall structure and the production method, the wall structure employs precast reinforced concrete walls and a sealing material used in the joints between the walls. The sealing material is a one-pack type sealing material comprising (A) an oxyalkylene-based polymer hav­ing crosslinkable silicon groups, (B) an alkoxysilane compound which reacts with water to yield an amine compound having an alkoxysilyl group, (C) a compound of tetravalent tin, and (D) a (meth)acrylic ester polymer plasticizer.

(71) CEMEDINE CO., LTD.) Tokyo (JP)

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