Bauverlag of the future

Dear readers, dear partners of BFT International,

you may wonder why this time a different photo smiles out at you, my highly respected colleague and editor-in-chief of BFT, Silvio Schade, has asked me to greet you in this issue.  Since December 2018, I have been managing director and publisher of Bauverlag in Gütersloh/Germany. I can say that I am experiencing great pleasure with the BFT brand in our very wide-ranging portfolio of brands on architecture and construction.

This is mainly due to the fact that concrete is very close to me personally as building material. For the first time, approximately ten years ago, in my apartment on Lake Zurich, I came into contact with large-area architectural precast concrete components of breathtaking aesthetics. This love of the construction material concrete has stayed with me until today, and I enjoy even more my present professional involvement with matters concerning concrete.

The close collaboration with association partners – for example, mutually satisfying work with Dr. Ulrich Lotz (FBF) – form the basis for expanding our activities in this sector of Bauverlag.

In future, what can you expect of Bauverlag? Of BFT? And of me personally? We will move even closer to the markets, to industrial innovations. We intend to examine these developments even more intensively to enable you to experience them more vividly with digital products from our publishing house. We want to inform you, and we want to entertain you. We want to support you in presenting and selling your products. A most rewarding task, believe me.

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