An update

BMBF joint research project on R concrete

The BMBF joint research project on R concrete was presented with its objectives, contents, and the first results on the 61st BetonTage congress. On the occasion of the 62nd BetonTage congress 2018, the expert audience shall be provided with an update of the proj-ect progress. The project partners have applied for an extension of the project duration by six months, hence, with this extension the projects will expire in April 2018. Thus, the project is about to be completed.

The speaker will report on the new findings obtained in the meantime and on the planned transfer of the results into practice. Particular reference will be made to the aspects of application-oriented research as well as the transfer of the results into rules and regulations and into practice. As part of the joint research project „R Concrete“, a prototype (Small House III) was built on the campus of the University of Kaiserslautern as a real-life test, in order to test the practical feasibility of the concrete compositions developed in the laboratory. Recycled aggregates were used for the manufacture of all building components of the prototype, ranging from the strip foundation to the ground slab, the walls and wall-like beams through to the semi-precast elements supplemented with cast-in-situ concrete. In all vertical structural components, the coarse aggregates > 2 mm were completely replaced by recycled aggregates of type 1 and type 2, respectively. In the floor slabs, however, 35 vol.-% of the overall aggregates consisted of recycled aggregates of type 1 2/16 mm. This corresponds to the respective DAfStb Guideline on „Concrete with recycled aggregates“. Placing of the new concretes was accompanied by a comprehensive testing program at the laboratory and on the construction site. Information on the experience gained from the real-life test and the suggestions resulting from the overall project in respect of a revision of rules and regulations will be given within the lecture.

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