BIM Training: No BIM without know-how

Building Information Modeling has arrived in the construction industry – but there is a lack of professionals. For this reason, BIM training providers are experiencing a boom. Which criteria and contents are important in BIM training, who offers it and how much does it cost?

You cannot buy BIM, you have to learn BIM. Even if many construction software providers are now marketing their products under the BIM label – Building Information Modeling is a planning method, which requires above all knowledge, know-how and experience (BFT International 06/2014: Little or big, closed or open, 3D or 7D?).

Of course, good training takes time and costs money. Anybody who is looking for BIM professionals is going to have a hard time finding them, because experienced BIM experts are rare, permanently employed and well paid. On the other hand, graduates with BIM know-how lack...

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