BAU 2017 trade fair: Your Sika – your Solution!

“Your Sika – your Solution” will be the new slogan of Sika Deutschland GmbH at the BAU trade fair taking place in Munich in January 2017. The slogan gives expression to the fact that the company always finds a solution to the specific requirements of its customers – which applies to service, innovation, expertise, and sustainability. At the trade fair, Sika will present its overall expertise in the reliable completion of structures – for clients, designers and contractors. After all, the Stuttgart-based company offers waterproofing as well as concrete and coating solutions for all types of structural elements from the foundation all the way to the roof. These include the waterproofing of flat roofs and façades, the waterproofing of structures to produce a “white box”, floor coatings and concrete refurbishment systems, cement technologies or fire protection and anti-corrosion coatings. Sika’s portfolio comprises system solutions not only for classical residential or administration buildings, however, but also for road pavements and bridges, tunnels, car parks, industrial buildings, chimneys, biogas plants and many more.

One of the keys to success is Sika’s courage to innovate. As a result, the company will present a multitude of new products and focus areas on stand No. 530 in Hall 1 of the BAU trade fair. These include additions to the system solutions for car parks, such as a new surface protection product for OS-11 a applications, as well as new products related to the waterproofing of flat roofs – PVC and liquid-applied membranes – and to the different waterproofing solutions for façades and windows. Sika will also present an addition to its fire protection solution for steel, Sika Unitherm Platinum, and the architectural concrete Sika View will make its debut at the BAU trade fair. Products for the waterproofing of structures will focus on the composite fresh concrete system SikaProof A and its post-applied counterpart, SikaProof P.

Sika Academy for contractors, designers and industry

In time for the trade fair, Sika will also be publishing the 2017 calendar of workshops and training courses – the Sika Academy. In excess of 2,000 persons attend the product training courses for contractors, and in excess of 1,000 architects and engineers participate in the advanced training courses for designers each year. In addition, Sika is organizing events for the industry and, in the Sika Academy, offers a dynamic medium for the entire spectrum of advanced training opportunities. In the training courses, information and training are mostly imparted by proficient Sika experts but also by external expert speakers. The schedule of designer workshops includes the Architects’ Days for flat-roof systems, “Bau & Praxis” (building and practice) events for the waterproofing of structures, or customer-specific and thematic in-house training courses. For contractors, Sika offers workshops on the correct use of its building products from all fields of application: floor coating, swimming pool and pond lining, injection systems, coating of balconies and terraces, creative troweling techniques to achieve special effects, as well as fire protection coating.

The events hosted by the Sika Academy are mostly held at the company’s own training center located at the Stuttgart headquarters. The building, which has been certified as sustainable by the German Sustainable Building Council [Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen = DGNB], is an excellent example of Sika’s comprehensive and ongoing 360-degree expertise – for it was built using mainly products developed and manufactured by the company itself. They comply with the requirements specified by the DGNB and score top marks in performance.

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