Architectural blocks with stone-like appearance and method of manufacture

(10) US 2020/0198181 Al

(22) 21.11.2019

(43) 25.06.2020

(57) The present disclosure describes architectural blocks con­figured to give the appearance of real cut stone. A plaster composition may be applied to one or more surfaces of a block, such as a concrete masonry unit (CMU) to form an architectural block having the appearance of cut stone. The plaster composition includes a cementitious component, such as white Portland cement, a limestone aggregate com­ponent, and optionally an adhesive component. The lime­stone aggregate component includes a fine sand portion and a coarse sand portion that effectively enable the appearance of cut stone after finishing of the plaster surface via sanding and/or polishing.

(71) Tuscan Stoneworx USA, LLC, Orem, UT (US)

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