(10) US 2021/0108413 Al

(22) 08.10.2020

(43) 15.04.2021

(57) An anchor for arrangement in a building element, in particular in a wall, in a ceiling or in a precast concrete part. The anchor includes an anchoring element for anchoring in a receiving opening of the building element comprising an undercut, a connecting element for connection to a supporting element, in particular to a platform for formwork, or to a support arm for a protective shield, or to a lifting element for lifting the building element. In some aspects, the anchoring element is movable between an anchoring position for anchoring in the receiving opening and a release position for removal from the building element. The anchor may addi tionally include a securing element which blocks the move­ment of the anchoring element between the anchoring posi tion and the release position in a first position and releases the anchoring element in a second position.

(71) DOKA GMBH, Amstetten (AT)

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