Mannheim Eastsite project

An urban quarter in architectural concrete

In 2001, the city of Mannheim commissioned the architect’s office Fischer Architekten GmbH with the design of an innovative commercial area. The requirements of commercial users as well as ecological and social aspects should be combined with the urban design in a new, holistic form in the sense of sustainable urban development. Hence, the architect’s office realized, on behalf of several clients, ten buildings designed as a small district square situated in front of the entrance of the new business quarter. They are now growing together to a single urban unit, due to the common principles,...

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Issue 2018-02 Eastsite Mannheim

Design and realization of textile-reinforced concrete façades

In 2001, the city of Mannheim commissioned Fischer Architekten GmbH to develop a concept for a new type of business park. In the interests of sustainable urban development, the requirements of...

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Multifunctional urban quarter with architectural concrete façade

Façades rich in detail and made of Dyckerhoff Weiss shape the image of the new Q 6 Q7 urban quarter in Mannheim. The building complex covering several hundred meters provides room for attractive...

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