Acid-resistant concrete, precast concrete, and method for producing acid-resistant concrete

(10) WO 2019/172349 Al

(22) 07.03.2019

(43) 12.09.2019

(57) Provided is an acid-resistant concrete having high durability. The acid-resistant concrete contains 10 water, an industrial byproduct, an alkali stimulant, an ex­panding material, a fine aggregate, a coarse aggregate and a high-performance water-reducing agent, and is produced by compacting the components together by centrifugal compaction. The industrial byproduct contains fly ash, a blast furnace slag micropowder and silica fume, and the al­kali stimulant contains lime hydrate. The industrial byprod­uct may contain incineration ash of sewage sludge. After the compaction, the product may be subjected to steam cur­ing, wherein the lead time may be 1.5 hours or longer.


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