A mixing technology pioneer celebrates its 40th anniversary

Pemat, technology leader in mixers, skip hoists and complete mixing plants, is 40 years old. Founded to manufacture and market machinery for the construction industry, today the company produces complete mixing plants which ensure highly efficient processes worldwide. A medium-sized company‘s formula for success: inventiveness, marketability and a feeling for quality.

1977 – 1986: A man of action finds new ways

In 1977 Walter Stahl founded Pemat in Freisbach in Rhineland-Palatinate. Right from the start, the company’s core competence was the design and construction of mixers and skip hoists for the concrete industry. From the very first day, the founder worked on the further development of mixing and plant technology and skip hoists. The evidence for his inventiveness is a series of patents applied for in the course of expanding the product range.

1987 – 1998: New products, new awards

The success story continues: new products, new awards: ­Pemat introduces the planetary mixer PMP and the patented PMPR planetary mixer with whirler. A further milestone in the company’s history: in 1998 Rainer Brüderle, Minister for the Economy, presented the Innovation Prize of the Investment and Economic Development Bank of Rhineland-Palatinate (ISB) to this medium-sized company for its modular Transkompakt mixing plant.

1999 – 2010: Pemat grows and steps over the border

Pemat steps over the border and continues to grow: Pemat S.à.r.L was founded in France in 1999. Further product innovations include the PAKS dust-free skip hoist and the PMK conical mixer for the dry materials industry. In 2002 the founder’s son, Thomas Stahl, who had worked in the company since 1988, joined the company’s management board. Thanks to continuing high demand for its products, the company could pursue growth, for example by taking over Zyklos Mischtechnik and the production company RBM GmbH. The production and storage capacities were expanded. This was followed in 2010 by the founding of Pemat UK.

2011 – 2017: Mixture of tradition & innovation

Tradition & Innovation, the perfect mixture: In 2013 development of the new, patented planetary mixer, PMPM Multimix. In 2014 the founder, Walter Stahl, retired as managing director, and his son-in-law, Mathias Mittenbühler, joined the management board. Today the operative business is in the hands of Thomas Stahl, who continues with his father’s successful strategy. Today Pemat has a network of international representatives and is present in all important markets throughout the world to offer its customers high-quality products and services in the field of mixing technology. This family-owned company is now perfectly set up to celebrate its 40th anniversary in 2017.

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