Hermann Rudolph Baustoffwerk

A future based on tradition

In its 100 years of activity, Hermann Rudolph Baustoffwerk GmbH has made a name for itself.  The company has set the course for the future with “intelligent precast elements”, elements for sports and leisure facilities and glass-fiber concrete objects.

Every now and then, the wind carries not only the tinkling of cowbells but also a hum over the pastures near Ellhofen in the Allgäu. The sound is coming from the compacting stations in the factory buildings of Hermann Rudolph Baustoffwerk GmbH. The faint humming emitted by the vibrators does not disturb the idyllic scenery – the cows on the adjoining pastures continue to give milk, not whipped cream.

The plant’s gray-colored production building number 2 is plainly visible against the lush green pastures. The extensive façade of exposed concrete is a real eye-catcher with its round porthole...

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