New faces

How do you like our new cover? BFT INTERNATIONAL kicks off the new year with a new face. The cover and the inner sides were revised and now present themselves in a modern layout. We in the editorial office have worked on polishing the structure of the issue for many weeks. Apart from the information in the various sub-sections of the industry, some of the contents will now be presented in thematically related blocks.

There will also be a new constellation in the BFT editorial office. From now on I will be in charge of the editorial office. We wish our colleague Andrea Janzen the very best for her future work in the precast concrete industry. Many of you will already have come to know me as editor of BFT INTERNATIONAL. Within the scope of various plant visits, congresses, and trade fairs, we have already had the opportunity to get to know each other. I look forward to a continued good collaboration with you and the many new additional contacts to come.

A new layout, a new editor-in-chief – apart from that everything will remain the same. BFT INTERNATIONAL will continue to report competently, topically, and worldwide about the precast concrete industry in the future as usual. We will continue to keep our eyes and ears open so that we can inform you about everything worth knowing.

Together with you I would like to offer a preview of the upcoming year. In November, the triennial International Conference for Concrete Block Pavers (ICCBP) will take place. The conference location this time is Shanghai. During that time, bauma China will also open its gates. For us reason enough to offer you a reading tour to China. We have put together an attractive all-inclusive offer for you with an exclusive program of accompanying events. You will find detailed information on the tour in this issue on page 56. Fly with us into the Middle Kingdom!

I wish you a healthy, successful and exciting New Year!

Yours Christoph Schulte

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