Looking ahead

During the past weeks, we, the editors of BFT INTERNATIONAL, again traveled a lot to visit numerous concrete plants with new or upgraded machinery and equipment.

Now, three years after the financial crisis and the attendant reluctance to invest, it is good to once again feel the upcurrent and optimism. Investments are now being made again! Concrete plant management and/or their owners are seriously concerning themselves with the subjects of economic efficiency, quality, and market potential. That is clearly perceptible throughout the entire European industry. We in the European Union currently have, of course, the problem of structurally weak countries now being supported by the stronger industrialized countries. This situation, however, is apparently not slowing the growth of other up-and-coming nations. Particularly the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia are currently undergoing strong expansions in the precast concrete industry.

Upon a closer look at the investments and the way they are planned, it is noticeable that – apart from cost-effectiveness – ecological aspects are attaining ever-greater prominence. Quite a few concrete plants are attempting to strike a balance between economy and environmental soundness and/or sustainability. I am sure – upon the evidence of the many new installations that I looked at over the past weeks – that the reason for this is not only the result of the pollution protection laws and the emission certificates. Here a change in attitude and philosophy is definitely taking place!

In this issue, dear readers, you can read a plant report on monolithic manhole bottom production. In the concept development and purchase decisions made here, the quality of the concrete products, economic efficiency, and sustainability played key roles.


I wish you good enjoyment in reading this issue.



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