Close to market and green technology

Tradition meets technology

 2011 is the year, in which MBK Maschinenbau GmbH, Kisslegg, Germany celebrates its 50th anniversary.

In 1961 Georg Pfender started a little machine shop, in which, a few years later, he designed and built his first cage machine for the local concrete pipe producer Rinninger. From there the success story of MBK took off and the original design for straight cages was quickly updated to bell cages.

  Second generation, Albert Pfender, a mechanical engineer, succeeded his father in 1985 and invested all his time and energy in a consistent growth of the company, in continuous updating of the machines to the actual available technology and last but not least in optimising the service quality.

Meanwhile over 800 MBK cage machines have been installed world wide and an international service team with 15 technicians has been established. In Kisslegg, 80 dedicated employees and world wide about 40 representative offices handle customer’s inquiries and interests.

Early 2009 a daughter company in USA was founded, where 3 service technicians, a parts manager and an administrator handle the North American market.

Networking and partnerships with Bosch Brecon, CAM and ORU put MBK Sales & Service Inc. in a strong position to face the challenges of the reviving US and Canadian markets. 

Since January 1, 2011 third generation Mario Pfender is supporting his father in the MBK management. After his studies in Mechatronics, Mario reached his degree as master in engineering and decided to gather four years of practical experience in other companies, before joining MBK. His prime task is to streamline production and design and to find the perfect match between family tradition and technology.

The MBK philosophy: The quality of our machinery is our best PR promotion, remains the key issue. 

Realising, that standing still means moving backwards, MBK has designed, a complete new generation of cage machines. New control and drive systems, combined with new and existing welding technology allow faster and better production of cages, for concrete pipes and for the construction industry. 

The first model out of this series, covering the diameter range of 220 – 1700 mm (9” – 67”) with 12 longitudinals, has proven its potential by producing perfect cages at 64 RPM. This leads to a capacity of over 50 cages/hour, while an automated wire cutter, a cage removal and nesting device and a motorised decoiler will bring even further advantages. A pre feeding device, in combination with a straight and cut, have been developed, to create the non plus ultra in speed and operators comfort. 

This new model BSM 170-R for round cages, will be the “mother” of all future models and sizes: 190 – 250 – 300 – 360 – 400 – 450 and 520. All sizes will be available in the standard version R for round, or O for round and oval, or S for round, oval and square. These models and sizes will be built in modular mode, allowing upgrades and accessories. 

Actually MBK has started the production of a wire cage machine for round, oval, rectangular and square cages, up to a max. diameter of 5200 mm (16.8’), for the reinforcement of concrete pipes and boxes with cages up to 3600 x 3600 mm (12 x 12’). 

Next to cages for the concrete pipe and manhole production, MBK produces cage and mesh machines for the construction industry. Piles, poles, bored piles, columns and beams, wall, roof and floor panels, can be reinforced with rigid and precise cages in round, oval, square and rectangular shape. 

New technologies have and are being implemented, like mid frequency welding, double drive technology, Microbox application in the PLC etc. The freshly designed cage removal device is actually available for cages up to 2.500 mm (100”) and can be upgraded to allow cage nesting, next to the cage machine. 

Some other equipment out of the production range of MBK is: Pipe testing and processing lines, portal grinders and saws, vertical grinders for jacking pipes etc.  

New machines on the MBK development list are: a machine for the production of tapered cages for reinforcement of wind turbine towers, with diameters up to 9.000 mm (30’). A modular mesh machine for production of engineered mesh, for reinforcement of box culverts, wall, floor and roof panels, with and without door, window and stairs openings. 

Since many years MBK has a second department, concentrating on: Machines for the production of paint brushes and rollers, mixing and metering equipment. 

A working platform mounted solar panel washing device has been built and the prototype is active in the fields. The effect of clean surfaces is a remarkably higher efficiency of the Photovoltaic panels: 20 – 40 % have been measured.

This new development shows how close MBK follows the market and goes for green technology.


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