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Massive Absorbers – How Concrete Can Promote Climate Protection

Our planet is threatened by climate change and the accompanying catastrophesto an extent never before experienced. Saving primary energy and the use of renewable energies can greatly contribute to lowering the impact on the environment and saving energy. Heating energy requires the by far greatest portion of all energies required for our life. For this reason, it should be treated with priority.

The electric heat pump heating technology is the most efficient, cost-effective in operation and, compared to the rise of energy costs, the least sensitive heating system causing the lowest emissions. It requires for operation, at an annual coefficient of performance (ratio of emitted heat and input of electric drive performance) of 4 to electric power only approx. 25 % of the heating energy required. No other heating system is able to provide such a great portion of renewable energies for heating and cooling buildings [1]. Through the use of massive absorbers as heat source for heat pumps,...

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