Peri Pave production pallets

High-Quality Block Pavings in the Long Run

The Peri Pave production pallet has been designed for long-term use in the concrete block factory. The first boards were delivered about twelve years ago and they are almost exclusively still in use today. The production pallets reach such long service lives owing to their quality; however a certain kind of maintenance is also necessary. The useful life is not least extended by the fact that it is possible to repair minor damages in an easy and cost-effective way.

The Peri Pave production pallet distinguishes itself by the highest standard of quality. The stable multiplex construction consists of high-quality birch plywood providing an enormous stability due to the cross-glued veneers. This high-quality supporting construction is the basis for a long-term utilization of the production pallet. The pallet is protected by a high-quality plastics layer applied on both sides with a thickness of 1.6 mm each. Due to the high abrasion resistance of the coating, that has especially been designed for the application in concrete block factories, the pallets hardly...

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