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Issue 05/2012

Paving stone construction set for creating a segmental arc pavement and paving stone basic element

(10) WO 2012/037907 A1 (22) 24. September 2010 (43) 29. März 2012 (71) SCHRÖDER, Detlef [DE/DE]; Monheimsallee 75, 52062 Aachen (DE) (57) The invention relates to a paving stone construction set for...

Issue 03/2016

Paving slab for forming a random pattern

(10) US 2016/0010288 Al (22) Feb.20,2014 (43) Jan. 14, 2016 (71) OLDCAST BUILDING PROUDCTS CANADA INC., Saint-John (CA) (73) Oldcastle Building Products Canada Inc., Saint-Jolm (CA) (57) A paving slab...

Issue 05/2023

Grid beam system for slab formwork

(10) WO 2023/012675A2 (22) 03.08.2022 (43) 09.02.2023 (57) The present disclosure relates to a grid beam slab formwork (100) comprising of primary beams (104), secondary beams (106), multi-level...

Issue 02/2013 Case examples, practical guidance

Preventing damages at concrete cast stone laying

Apart from ceramic and natural stone coverings, concrete cast stone materials are also used again and again by clients and planners when it comes to the design of floor and wall surfaces. By selecting...

Issue 05/2010

Patens 05

Concrete elements for creating a section of a traffic area of concrete Betonelemente zur Bildung eines aus Beton bestehenden Abschnitts einer Verkehrsfläche (11) DE 20 2009 013 798 U1 (22)...