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Issue 2012-10 Vitzthum GmbH

Production boards – durable and robust

The wood processing plant Holzwerk Vitzthum GmbH in Unken near Salzburg in Austria has specialized in the manufacture of production boards for concrete paving block production. The company’s...

Issue 2012-03

TECBOARD starts running an innovative production line

Tecboard, manufacturer of lightweight, innovative production boards made of fiber-reinforced plastics material, has expanded its production line by a high-performance hot plate welding machine. This...

Issue 2016-05 Submitted/Eingereicht von: Weber Buerstensysteme

Crust Cracker

The Crust Cracker is a newly developed cleaning and reconditioning system for all types of concrete block production boards made of steel, plastics or wood. It is a self-contained and automatically...

Issue 2009-01

January 2009

Issue 2020-03

Method for preparing a mineral foam material-filled concrete block

(11) EP 3 599 034 Al (22) 24.07.2018 (43) 29.01.2020 Bulletin 2020/05 (57) A method for preparing a mineral foam material-filled concrete block (3) comprises the following steps: providing a concrete...