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Issue 10/2012 Vitzthum GmbH

Production boards – durable and robust

The wood processing plant Holzwerk Vitzthum GmbH in Unken near Salzburg in Austria has specialized in the manufacture of production boards for concrete paving block production. The company’s...

Issue 09/2010 Concrete Block Machines

Parameters to Describe the Dynamic Characteristics of Production Boards

A very intense shock vibration process is normally used for the molding and compaction of the concrete mix. This method uses coordinated movements of individual subassemblies of the production system...

Issue 01/2020

Examination of production boards used in the manufacture of concrete blocks

1 Production boards of Alkern (3 boards) On February 12, 2019, Alkern delivered three production boards, measuring 1400 x 1300 x 50 mm to Assyx for examination purposes. An order for a total number of...

Issue 01/2022

Concrete block element for bus stops

(10) DE 20 2020 103 109 U1 (22) 29.05.2020 (45) 07.10.2021 (57) Bordsteinelement-System (20) für eine Bushaltestelle, umfassend mehrere jeweils aus zumindest einem länglichen, näherungsweise...

Issue 04/2014

Increasing use of RFID technology for production boards

Users are spoiled for choice regarding the wide range of base materials that production boards for the manufacture of concrete blocks consist of. Conventional materials such as steel, softwood or...