Putzmeister · Hall B6, booth 100-400

Putzmeister Concrete Pumps GmbH is aiming the Autocor BQ06 system at the precast concrete industry. The pump unit represents different delivery systems which are used to pump even small quantities of concrete – including self-compacting mixture breakdowns – from the mixing plant to the formworks of the associated finished parts production unit in an economical manner. One of the major advantages of pump delivery as opposed to loading via crane buckets is that formworks with a curved surface, for example, can even be filled from below, by using a hose connection (the geometry of these moulds...

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(10) WO 2012/017462 A1 (22) 13 May 2011 (43) 9 February (71)MARTIGLI, Massimo [IT/IT]; Via G. Garibaldi, 17, I-50050, Capraia E Limite (FI) (IT) (57) System of disposable moulds for the realization...

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